Repairs & Cleaning

Does your shade sail sag or not look as good as it used to?

Perhaps it's got a slight tear and is generally looking a bit tired?

Has there been a major storm and your shade sail was damaged? We at Serious About Shade will work with you to either fix it or if that isn't possible, we will make a replacement for you.

In most cases, any sail can be repaired but there comes a point where it will never look the same. If this is the case, we will measure up and make you a new one for you.

Shade sails & structures are exposed to harsh weather elements day-in, day-out ... for years on end. They're stretched, battered by rain & hail and roasted by the sun... it's hardly a surprise that your shade sail or structure might need some repairs or a bit of TLC every once in a while. We do recommend a yearly inspection, you can book us in for an inspection and maintenance for a small fee.

"Don't be fooled... inexpensive shade sail repairs done now WILL save you money in the future!"

It's like anything... if you spend a little bit of money occasionally maintaining your shade sails & structures you'll end up saving a lot of money in expensive repairs later.

Would you neglect your car from being serviced for a whole year... or even worse not have it repaired for 2 maybe 3 years??? Imagine the size of the bill that your mechanic would hand you when you finally did get it serviced... not something to look forward to is it?

Fortunately, most Shade Sails & Structures are usually pretty tough and they don't have to be expensive to repair... sure there are cheap sails that fall apart in a matter of months however most (especially the ones by Serious About Shade) are built to withstand quite harsh elements and should last for many years.

Having said that, you should regularly check your shade sails & structures for signs of damage. If they look like they're starting to sag or are showing signs of tearing then you should definitely call us on 1300 651 848.