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Are you thinking about getting Shade Sails for your home or workplace?

Shade sails are a fantastic way to protect your family from the intense sun. They are stylish, come in a wide range of colours and can add value to your home.

Serious About Shade can build you a Shade Sail structure in just about any shape, size and colour. It can be attached to free standing posts (or suitable existing structures) and as such do not have any form of structural roofing support which gives you a huge amount of freedom with your design options. Your bland, plain looking outdoor space could be transformed into a stylish oasis within a matter of days.

"Shade Sails are very affordable and your options are really only restricted by your imagination."

The shade cloth that we will use to build your shade sails is premium quality and depending on your choice can filter up to 99% of the suns powerful UV rays (they're the one's that cause skin cancer). You'll be able to relax knowing that your family is protected.

A great idea for where you might need a shade sail would definitey be over your pool - you'll save your pool water from evaporation as well as provide yourself with a fantastic place to float around in the heat of the day.

Another area could be a corner of your yard that you might like to transform into a fantastic outdoor dining area.... perhaps you need to cover a walkway or your kids play gym? We can even do your shopping centre carpark, if you have one of those :)

The possiblities for using shade sails are endless and really only restircted by your imagination.

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It'll give you a chance to discuss your ideas with someone who really knows and we most certainly will not pressure you to buy anything.

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    Serious About Shade are professional Shade Sail, Shade Structure and Outdoor Blinds makers who service Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast.

    They pride themselves on supplying high quality shade solutions at affordable prices and it's definitely worth you contacting them if you are considering adding additional shade to your home or workplace.

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