Existing Building Attachments

Are you thinking about getting Shade Sails for your home or workplace?

Fixing a shade sail to an existing structure can be cost effective but caution is imperative when considering this option.

This is because strong winds and storms put more load on the fixing points of you sail.

"Fixing a shade sail to an existing structure can be cost effective."

We always recommend you remove your shade sail when high wind conditions are forecast.

In the gallery above, you can see a variety of the jobs that we have done with respect to existing building attachments. Don't delay, and get your sail attachment today!

Different types of Shade Sails...

  • hyper sails
    Hyper Sails

    A stylish shade solution.

  • free standing sails
    Free Standing

    A free standing shade structure for any place, any time.

  • hyper sails
    Sails & Side Screens

    Want a screen as well as a sail?

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    Serious About Shade are professional Shade Sail, Shade Structure and Outdoor Blinds makers who service Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast.

    They pride themselves on supplying high quality shade solutions at affordable prices and it's definitely worth you contacting them if you are considering adding additional shade to your home or workplace.

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